Stanislav Komsky | Business Ideas For Your Small Business

Business Ideas

If you have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur but do not have enough fund for huge investment, why don’t you start with a small venture? Yes, nowadays, most people start their journey of being an entrepreneur with small businesses. What? Do you want to start your open small business but do not have any idea? No worries, there are many good small business ideas that you can consider to start your own venture.

Let’s explore these few best business ideas for your small business startup with Stanislav komsky.


Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

Starting your own coffee shop could be the best idea for you if you are seeking a business idea with low investment. The love and demand for coffee stay intact in all season. Nowadays, people prefer coffee over lunch during business meeting hours. Either you can open your coffee shop in the market or even in organizations, universities, or colleges. One more thing you can add to your coffee shop and that is books. Yes starting a book café with little music and scrumptious food items can bring more customers to your café.


BookKeeping Shop

If you want to launch your own small business startup, freelancing bookkeeping service is the best option for you. To start this business all you need a phone, laptop, internet connection, and basic knowledge of accounting. Additionally, if you have knowledge about accounting software and how to work on such software, it would be a great advantage for you. Nowadays, people from around the world approach businesses online and offer them bookkeeping and accounting services as per market standard. Now how you pick your clients and how you convince them makes all the difference.

Freelance writer or blogger


Nowadays, in the digital world, there is a huge demand for content writers and bloggers. Either you can start your own blogging site where you can write blogs on different niche. Once your site higher ranking on search engines, you can allow businesses to ad display on your site for promotions and can earn money from them. Also, you can offer content writing services to other businesses who want to increase the ranking of their business and conversion rates.


Online Bakery

Everyone loves to satisfy their taste buds with cake and pastries on any day. Today most people offer bakery service through the social media platform.  Social media allow people to connect with businesses. And this is the reason why most people promote their business on online media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Online bakery service needs low investment. You have a wider audience on social channels, all you need to promote and market your service. If your product and service are good and you have convincing power, you can take this business to a great height.

Final Words

So, these are the few good business ideas that you can consider to start your small business startup suggested by Stanislav komsky. If you think we have missed out any great small business idea, feel free to share with us below in the comment box.


Stanislav Komsky | Best Business Strategies For Startups

Business Startegies

Starting a business is easy, a real effort lies in making it successful. Growing a business in the initial stage is actually a quite challenging task. To make it easier, it is necessary for an entrepreneur to evaluate his and his team performance and improve it. In fact, an entrepreneur must evaluate his limitations as well and work on it. In the competitive environment, to lead and succeed, you need to adopt new strategies at always think out of the box.

Let’s explore a few best business strategies with Stanislav Komsky.

Expand Your Business

Developing Business Strategies

Expanding business to different locations where you have a target audience is one of the best strategies you can follow. The opening new business unit will allow you to enter the new market and will get new customers. However, the competition will also get increases, so make sure your product/service is strong, and excellent. Your motto is to fetch new customers and lead in the new market, to make it possible to make your strategy unique.

Evaluate The Market And Competition

Prepareing Business Plan

To sustain in the market it is important to keep eye on your competitors and the market. If you don’t know what your competitor is doing, you will find it harder to compete with them. The things you must to look for: What strategies your competitors are following? What are the demographic locations of your customers? What is the taste and preference of your competitor’s customers?  How is your competitor’s performance in the market? What changes you can see in consumer preferences and market evolution? And many more. Such type of questions will help you in making a great strategy to fetch new customers and lead the market.

Promote Your Business Online


Needless to say, in the digital era, it is necessary for businesses to available on online platforms. Every business should have its website and must focus on building a web presence. If you are active in online media you will be able to reach a wider audience in less time. It helps you to connect and engage with people from around the world. Even if your online promotions are interesting and your website is impressive, it will increase your conversions in no time.

Track Your Performance

Business Analysis

Tracking your performance is very important to improve and grow. It helps you to analyze where you are lacking and need improvement. Also, where you are performing great and how you can increase your success rate. Tracking performance will also help you in analyzing and comparing your competitor’s performance.

You can use different strategies to analyze your performance and accordingly prepare appropriate plans of action in response. Before you plan a strategy, you need a careful analysis of different variables. As it will help you to make a clear assessment of your performance and output, which ultimately help you in making a better strategy.

Final Thoughts

These are the few best strategies for startups from the expert Stanislav Komsky. If you want to lead, grow, and succeed in the competitive world, start working on your strategies from now.

Stanislav Komsky | 5 Ways your Business can Benefit from Strategic Partnerships

strategic partnerships

Do you know what can make an entity successful? According to Stanislav Komsky, a real strength of any successful entity is strategic partnerships. Whether a business is small or big, every business leader or entrepreneur form a strategic partnership with other companies. Do you know why?

Let’s find out the benefits of Strategic Partnerships with Stanislav Komsky

1. A Competitive Edge

join hands

When two people or entities join hands to achieve one common goal, it becomes easier to achieve success. Working within a partnership with winning confidence and positive intention can give your business the edge it requires to lead its competitors. In most cases, where people work exclusively on their own, find difficult to adopt new changes and innovation. Ultimately, their business growth becomes stagnant.

2. Access to Additional Resources

learn new tactics

When it comes to the resources to earn success and continuous growth of a business, no doubt, certain programs, a social media platform, and a strong network of industry professionals in your area are the key. But, what if you can take your business to new heights by taking advantage of other business’s expertise and resources.

Strategic partnerships are one of the best ways for businesses to learn new tactics from each other in a way that brings opportunities for all parties involved. Remember, if you’re not generous with your resources, you will get the same attitude back from your partner.

3. Grow Your Customer Base using Strategic Partnerships

grow your customer base using strategic partnerships

In the competitive world, it is necessary to grow your customer base, as it does not only help you to save a business from breaking down but take it to a whole new level. So in case you’re finding difficulty in fetching the interest of new customers, a strategic partnership is the key for you. In the end, the customer is the king, and if strategic partnerships can help you in improving your customer base, what more you could ask for?

4. Access to New Products/Services

access to new products using strategic partnerships

According to most executives and entrepreneurs including Stanislav Komsky, the diversification of their products can easily attain strategic partnerships. It allows you to access to new or different ideas, materials, and expertise which give your business a push to improve current products and create new ones with new innovation.

Creating new and innovative products without the help of a strategic partner will require a huge financial investment. And it is obvious, a small scale or a struggling business simply cannot afford that kind of risk.

5. Reach a New Market with the help of Strategic Partnerships

reach new market

No business can grow without taking a risk, and sometimes it needs to expand it into a new market, whether that is globally or otherwise. You can take the example of the partnership between Spotify and Uber.

Neither every Spotify user is an uber rider, not every uber customer is a Spotify user. However strategic partnership allows both the companies to increase the customer base while continuously offering and promoting both products. Spotify offering something to users with a premium package that other streaming services do not have at present. Similarly, Uber can provide the riders a perk to listen to their own playlists that other ride-share services not having at present.

Final Thoughts

So these are the reasons why most business believes in strategic partnerships and this is how it helps in the development and growth of businesses. According to Stanislav Komsky, if you choose strategic partnerships, make sure your intentions are genuine and you are committed to achieving the common goals.

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Top 7 Points That Can Make You from a Freelancer to an Entrepreneur

Freelancer to an Entrepreneur - stanislav komsky

Gone are the days when people work for 9 to 5 hours job! Nowadays every individual wants to be his own boss. Maybe this is the reason why most people are becoming freelancers. Hold on! Are they different from entrepreneurs? According to most experts being freelancers and being an entrepreneur are two different things. Now the question is what can make a freelancer an entrepreneur in the corporate world?

Let’s explore with the expert Stanislav Komsky.

Physical Presence

Needless to say, you will not invite your customers at home. Whether it is about meeting with clients or preparing business strategies with the team, you need a professional environment and a workplace. In the beginning, you may find it difficult, but you have to find a place for it. Either you can choose shared workspace or you can hire a small office on rent.


Automating tasks become necessary, as work increases. Tasks like invoices, regular updates, reminders etc., all needed to be synchronized in a manner. Automation will directly bring regularity in work and improve productivity. All of these will ultimately give you a professional look to become an Entrepreneur. Also, it saves a lot of time and gives a good impression to your clients.

Try Marketing Yourself

Without a personal marketing technique, no one will be able to know about your skills and creativity.  A robust online presence is what makes entrepreneurs different from freelancers. Digital portfolio and a personal website of the business consultant should exist. As it will surely help in boosting professionalism and can bring profits for your business.

Do Register Your Company

register your company

According to experts, this is one of the most important steps every company should implement. Registering a company ensure that it is an official entity. It can be easily done by the proprietary company registered act. After registering, a company can accept payments and can claim all tax benefits.

“Delivering legal company services gives a reasonable response to the customers.”

Personify the Online Presence

marketing yourself

At present, having a social media presence is necessary for almost every business. According to experts, if you do not have a website, your business does not exist. The company’s website will help in conveying, its motive, services, testimonials and much more. Likewise, an email should be constituted with domain name same as of your business site.

“Digital Presence will surely help to become visible in the crowd and enhance productivity.”

Secure Storage

If in case any damage occurs to your PowerPoint, document, excel etc, it will seriously affect your company. As the work expands, usage of storage media also increases. If we need these important assets to be safe, we must make sure we have a backup of everything.

“We should have a storage space on the cloud making your assets always available.”

Build a network, Follow up and grow

Communicating with the clients even after the project has been delivered is necessary. It should not be like a project is finished, and an invoice is sent to the client and work is finished. We need to follow up with the clients for regular updates or the changes they need. Ask for feedback, if it is appreciable that’s good. If you need improvement, ask them to recommend.


Summing up with all the points with Stanislav Komsky. We can say that Entrepreneurship does not just happen overnight. It needs time, experience, resources, passion, and efficient skills.

We hope this article helped you! We would love to have your feedback.

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How to Make a Great Impression as a New Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur - Stanislav Komsky

Needless to say, every new entrepreneur who enter the corporate world, likely to have big dreams and countless long-term business goals. According to many leaders, the first ingredient to achieve those goals is networking. However, not everyone knows how to build or grow a networking connection in the corporate world.

Let’s explore a few tips to make a great impression with the well-known leader Stanislav Komsky.

Know Your Audience

When it comes to building a good first impression, we could all learn numerous things from many leaders who proved themselves in the industry. And people from all over the world see them as an inspiration.

Once you enter the corporate world, the best thing you can wear is confident and do not forget to represent the best version of yourself. Even if you’re anxious while meeting exciting leaders or potential client, never show you are nervousness and show the confidence ‘til you make it. Practice this in every phase of your life until it becomes your habit. However, don’t be overconfident that it becomes your arrogance and make others uncomfortable. Pay attention to others interest and thoughts and understand your audience (walk a mile in their shoes). In the end, everything in making a great first impression on others will take time. However, you have to keep working on it.

Dress Well to Impress

Entrepreneur - komsky

Personality speaks a lot! When it comes to making a first impression, from haircut to well-fitted suit will definitely create a great impression. In case you do not have a good taste in clothing or do not have good dressing sense, time to groom yourself.

If we talk about accessories, you should carry a presentable handbag or briefcase, and two good pairs of shoes. Men should invest in one pair of black shoes and one pair of brown shoes. Although these options are a better option for women as well, women have an option to expand their choices and include pointed-toe flats or a pair of heels. In addition to a good haircut, both men and women must consider hygiene and ensure that the nails are trimmed and filed.

Be Accountable and Genuine

Needless to say, holding yourself accountable is essential at every stage, especially in the initial stage when you’re trying to build trust with new contacts and clients. Keep your word, maintain your dignity, know your boundaries, and be punctual.

As stated above, you should bring out the best version of yourself, but that version should be genuine. Be sincere, and always be straightforward; openness and transparency will go a long way when it comes to building a long relationship with your connections. If you lie about your accomplishments or hide something from others, people will notice quickly. The same thing we can say about compliments, too.

Final Words

Stanislav Komsky says, as an entrepreneur, you are the face of your brand and business. And this is the reason why above-mentioned points you should follow at all times. After all, you never know when you’re going to meet someone unexpectedly and build up a business connection or land a big client.

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5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Consider In Everyday Life

entrepreneur - Stanislav Komsky

According to Stanislav Komsky to become a successful entrepreneur, time management is the key. There is a time when you need to say “No” and there is a time when you need to say “yes”. Saying yes or no at the right time is what make you a winner in the competitive environment. In the end, time is an important component that defines your success or failure.

So here are five efforts you should make time for no matter how much workload or responsibilities you are dealing with.

Must Build Relationships through Networking


Networking is something different from the normal conversation or handshaking. Basically, networking is about building strong professional relationships that enrich our business and our lives. If you actually want to connect with others, you have to devote time and create consistency. Through networking, you get more opportunities to share new ideas, innovations, and knowledge with the leaders, CEO, and peers. Maybe your success is one conversation away, you never know!

Finding Stress Release Activities

Psychology behavior plays a key role in entrepreneur life. It sometimes creates and chronic stress, physical and mental pressure, lowered immunity and not allow you to concentrate on tasks at hand. In the long run, they ultimately impact both your health and business.

Therefore, instead of viewing stress relief outlets — exercise, yoga or other such activities, for instance — as time-wastage that block precious calendar time, consider them as essential for you and your business well-being.

Mentoring and Developing Your Team

Everyone knows that to run a business successfully, employees are the key. After all, they are your most valuable asset. Therefore, training and developing your employees in the search of their passion is not only contributing to their personal development but also it will help in the growth of the business as well. And you can do that by giving them space to explore teams and projects that fetch their interest.

Taking Vacation

In the corporate world, everything is uncertain, indeed. Therefore to lead in the competitive environment taking a leave for an entrepreneur is quite scary, as it often we can’t miss the upcoming opportunity.

It shows that you cannot afford not to step away. Though it has many benefits – which includes better sleep, stress relief, increased productivity and even heart disease prevention — vacations force you to get yourself to delegate work to others. And you must give employees the opportunity to show you they can direct the business while you’re away, and they have to do that.  It somewhere helps you to build and nurture your team’s growth and make room for yourself, after a break you will be able to focus on higher priority tasks.

Connecting with Customers

Every successful entrepreneur including Stanislav Komsky believes that customers are the one who makes us and build our business in a competitive environment. Therefore, it is essential to connect with customers on regular basis. However, if you don’t know different ways to connect with your customers, you can host an “Ask Me Anything” webinar. Nowadays almost every business do that.

Final Words

So, these are the 5 a must do things that every entrepreneur should adopt in order to reach new heights in the corporate world.

Source By: Stanislav Komsky