5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Consider In Everyday Life

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According to Stanislav Komsky to become a successful entrepreneur, time management is the key. There is a time when you need to say “No” and there is a time when you need to say “yes”. Saying yes or no at the right time is what make you a winner in the competitive environment. In the end, time is an important component that defines your success or failure.

So here are five efforts you should make time for no matter how much workload or responsibilities you are dealing with.

Must Build Relationships through Networking


Networking is something different from the normal conversation or handshaking. Basically, networking is about building strong professional relationships that enrich our business and our lives. If you actually want to connect with others, you have to devote time and create consistency. Through networking, you get more opportunities to share new ideas, innovations, and knowledge with the leaders, CEO, and peers. Maybe your success is one conversation away, you never know!

Finding Stress Release Activities

Psychology behavior plays a key role in entrepreneur life. It sometimes creates and chronic stress, physical and mental pressure, lowered immunity and not allow you to concentrate on tasks at hand. In the long run, they ultimately impact both your health and business.

Therefore, instead of viewing stress relief outlets — exercise, yoga or other such activities, for instance — as time-wastage that block precious calendar time, consider them as essential for you and your business well-being.

Mentoring and Developing Your Team

Everyone knows that to run a business successfully, employees are the key. After all, they are your most valuable asset. Therefore, training and developing your employees in the search of their passion is not only contributing to their personal development but also it will help in the growth of the business as well. And you can do that by giving them space to explore teams and projects that fetch their interest.

Taking Vacation

In the corporate world, everything is uncertain, indeed. Therefore to lead in the competitive environment taking a leave for an entrepreneur is quite scary, as it often we can’t miss the upcoming opportunity.

It shows that you cannot afford not to step away. Though it has many benefits – which includes better sleep, stress relief, increased productivity and even heart disease prevention — vacations force you to get yourself to delegate work to others. And you must give employees the opportunity to show you they can direct the business while you’re away, and they have to do that.  It somewhere helps you to build and nurture your team’s growth and make room for yourself, after a break you will be able to focus on higher priority tasks.

Connecting with Customers

Every successful entrepreneur including Stanislav Komsky believes that customers are the one who makes us and build our business in a competitive environment. Therefore, it is essential to connect with customers on regular basis. However, if you don’t know different ways to connect with your customers, you can host an “Ask Me Anything” webinar. Nowadays almost every business do that.

Final Words

So, these are the 5 a must do things that every entrepreneur should adopt in order to reach new heights in the corporate world.

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How to know Your Business Idea is Great

Stanislav Komsky - Business Idea is Great

To establish a business you need an idea, and to succeed in the business world, you need an idea that works. Maybe your idea is in high demand in the industry, but you never know if it requires some major adjustments. Therefore, you must do your homework to evaluate whether and how you transform your idea into a viable business.

Here are 5 ways to know if your business idea is great.  Let’s explore with Stanislav Komsky.

Recognize Your Niche

If your idea is associated with your niche business, and it does not revolve around the same type of business, then you must take a risk! A niche business will generally do well.

In case your niche is something new in the area, promote and market it wherever it is possible. It will help your business getting more recognition in the industry.

Research the Field You’re Entering

If you do not have enough money to invest in your initial plan or idea. In such a scenario, you must be very cautious.

Suppose, you do not have any experience in the restaurant industry, and still if you invest a huge amount in a restaurant just because you think it’s a great idea, you may lose the game. Therefore, you must consider a lot of research and time to start for such type of ideas.

Ask for Feedback   

On the off chance that you need to perceive how individuals respond to your new business idea, you can generally attempt to put out surveys and interview potential consumers about your idea. This can enable you to check whether individuals respond adversely or decidedly to your business plan. It is imperative to ensure you solicit individuals who aren’t close companions from yours; you need to have a fair opinion here.

 Turn to Social Media

Turn to Social Media

One really good way to evaluate your business idea before you start investing time or resources into creating it is to get active on social media. Join groups that support the similar type of business you want to run or the target audience you want to reach and see what the common questions, complaints, or requests for help to be.

Test Your Minimum Viable Product

You can analyze if your idea is good enough to possibly be successful and lessen the risks by starting small. Many ideas can be converted into a minimum viable product (MVP) for testing purposes. Remember, every aspect of the business model does not need to be accurate before launch. Starting small will help you decide if your business idea is worth the time and money.

Suppose, you are planning to start a tiffin service, instead of investing in a full team, building a marketing plan, renting a space, and purchasing expensive equipment, you can start small by using your home kitchen. Test the market by focusing on one or two clients. Take the help of family and friends to firstly test recipes.

Create a business website, promote locally via word of mouth, and get your business up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Once you’ve confirmed that there is demand, and a market for your product, then increase the business and offer more products.

Final Words

According to Stanislav Komsky with these points, you can evaluate if your business idea is great or not. After reading this, if you think that your business idea needs some changes, go for it.

Source By: Stanislav Komsky

How Much Do You Really Know About Budding Entrepreneurs

How do you define a successful entrepreneur? For some people, entrepreneurship means investing funds and setting a business. However, in the words of Stanislav Komsky an entrepreneur is someone who is a leader, a risk-taker, a visionary, a pit bull and essentially a superhero all rolled into one. The most common traits you will find in a successful entrepreneur are motivation, passion, self-belief, hard work, and dedication.

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin, therefore, to become a successful entrepreneur there are various challenges that an individual need to face to reach the top.

Let’s explore a few challenges for the new entrepreneur


One should be prepared to start and nurture a business from scratch. That would mean, leaving a successful career behind, maybe as a doctor, lawyer, or even a journalist. One has to risk leaving behind a secure job environment with a secure future for something that is unpredictable. There are no easy ways to evaluate if it is the right decision, however, one just has to follow one’s instincts.


Starting off a business is not an easy task in the competitive world. The competition will try to play the role of challengers to defeat them. Also, there will be many ins and outs from within the ecosystem, which will play a role in having a new competitor thrown off the market. Many in the ecosystem usually come up with similar products or services at more competitive rates. Moreover, they enter the market with aggressive marketing techniques to fetch existing and new customers. However, healthy and positive competition always gets noticed and appreciated. One should be worried when one is being ignored by competition, which means there is a long way for you to prove your existence yet!


Funding is required to start a new business venture and which is not easy tasks. The initial capital might come from selling off an old company or previous stream of income being diverted into new business. A new entrepreneur though needs to exploring investment contacts to find out the new source of income. The initial stage of the business requires a lot of networking to bring in funding and new sources of revenue.


Behind every successful business, there is a successful team. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right employees for the right job requires intelligence and a business insight to boot. Finding the right profile need to be balanced with the deserving pay for that individual. The best thing would be to recruit people from professional life, one whose ability and personality you already know about instead of choosing completely unknown commodities. References and a vote of confidence from friends and colleagues often come in handy. Trust is the biggest component in building a team if an employer and employee don’t trust each other, it becomes difficult to make decisions when it comes running a business.


A budding entrepreneur is someone who can think quickly on his feet and always prepared with a plan in advance for the future. From planning to execution, as the leader one has to take charge and keep alternative solutions in mind. A new business, or any new initiative, as an entrepreneur, one needs to be on one’s toes to address the ups and downs, in a planned and thoughtful way. The most challenging thing in the entrepreneurial journey is not only to think about the business but also ensure a steady flow of revenue to sustain the endeavor and the salary credit to the employees/team on time along with the quality of service/product whatever the company is into.

Final Thought

So these are the challenges every new entrepreneur deal in the competitive environment. You can’t become successful overnight, but if you really want to make a difference in your life, be passionate and determine like leader Stanislav Komsky.

The USA Today Network is the New Name in The Consulting Business

IT Consulting Business - Stanislav Komsky

According to many successful entrepreneurs including Stanislav Komsky, it is not easy to build both scale and trust. Needless to say, it is easy to cultivate one, but it often comes at the expense of the other. Most people love to face the challenges and believe in making everything possible. And media company, The USA Today is one of them.

Why USA Today Network Entered the IT Consulting Business?

USA network - IT consulting Business

However, The USA Today Network is succeeding in achieving both. The media company has certainly cobbled together scale by distributing 109 local papers throughout the country. On the ground, the journalists are putting the lie to the expression of “fake news,” taking three Pulitzers for the network this year alone, including for its work in exposing the serial child molester – Larry Nassar, who is the USA Gymnastics team physician.

On the issue of the Ad Lib podcast, USA Today Network’s chief revenue officer- Kevin Genztel says, “We’re this media company that’s north and south, east and west, rural and urban, red and purple.”  Furthermore, he added, we give exact representation to all of the countries. Also, we give voice to America in many ways.”

However, the news is still a tough business. And local news is even tougher. In digital revenue, USA Today Network saw continued growth, but not enough to balance declines in traditional advertising. Gentzel and his team tried to solve that riddle. Part of the solution: Build an advertising and consulting business at—you guessed it—scale. Recently, Gentzel has returned from a road trip to the network’s various newsrooms in order to get a sense of the local markets from Pensacola to Phoenix.

“Today, almost every entrepreneur believes that local businesses are going to be increasingly digitally savvy, they will require expertise, moreover, they’re going to need exclusive technology,” he says. “We are confident that we can help local businesses with advanced marketing solutions, with more agency-like capabilities through smart acquisitions, proprietary tech, through vision—through our nationwide scale. Furthermore, we can help them by informing one of the best practices and treat them casually as an agency would.”

We also discuss where Gentzel assures programmatic goes from here. Over the past few years, he says, the ability to view drove yield. Going forward, he’s bullish on improving targeting capabilities.

“In the end, a client is investing in us by showing interest in the story we’re sharing with them, with the confidence that it’s going to perform,” he added. He quotes as an example of brand safety around news context. “In many ways, we can create technology that can help a business feel good about the environment in which their ad runs,” through normal language processing to scale sentiment.

Final Words

In the era of technology, you will find many ways to use technology with the motive to grow business. In the end, it is up to you how you manage it. And this is why Stanislav Komsky says to succeed in the industry, innovation is key. Indeed.

Source By: Stanislav Komsky

How to Start IT Consulting Business

IT Consulting business - Stanislav Komsky

Stanislav Komsky says, being an entrepreneur is the dream of almost every individual, but they do not know what it takes to become an entrepreneur. It takes strategy, planning, and determination. Most startups fail, at the beginning only and the reason is lack of research. Nowadays, the consulting business is reaching new heights. So, if you are planning to start an IT consulting business, you must explore the best tips to run a successful business.

Here are few tips to start IT consulting business:

Find a Specialty

In the consulting business, you have different services to offer, including managed IT services, hardware repair, software consulting, and cloud services. You have to choose something you are good at. In the end, your expertise and knowledge are the key ingredients that can help you to lead in the industry.

Register Your Business

Register your business

This is an initial step to start any business, including IT consulting. Find a structure according to your needs, whether it’s a corporation, sole proprietorship, an LLC or partnership. Get a name register once you decide the structure, and check with your local government, if there are any other steps or formality you need to fulfill to comply with regulations in your area.

Invest in Equipment

For every successful entrepreneur, customer satisfaction is the main goal. And to achieve this goal, one needs to offer quality services to customers, and for this, you may need to invest in some software or hardware tool. The exact requirement of equipment and its cost will depend on your area of expertise, but you’ll definitely need basic office supplies, and a computer at least. Maybe you need to invest in some insurance as well in order to cover the equipment, especially in the case of an emergency.

Learn about Marketing

Technical skills are not enough to run an IT business, you need to consider some other aspects as well in order to make a business successful. It includes clear about target customers, their location, and where and how they can connect with you. In case you want to work with companies in your local area, it is advisable to connect with your local chamber of commerce. And if you want to offer services to clients online, then it is better if you invest in some search ads or social media marketing.

Develop a Customer Communication Strategy

Customer Communication Strategy

Needless to say, in a technical field like IT, you will find a number of skilled professionals. However, it is not necessary that every expert is a great leader. A great leader is someone who can make a solid communication strategy that can help people actually understand the value in what you offer. So it is advisable for you to develop a good communication strategy if you want to fetch the customers.

Acknowledge Customer Feedback

Acknowledge Customer Feedback

No matter in which business you are, what is important is how you evaluate your performance and fulfill the satisfaction of your customers. Especially, in a business like IT consulting where you will not get an opportunity to work with customers as much in a face-to-face setting. Most leaders send an automated message to customers where a customer can rate their satisfaction on a three-point scale and then share quick comments if they want.

Bottom Line

So, these are the tips Stanislav Komsky advice to everyone who wants to start their business in It consultancy. If you want to succeed in the corporate world, you must follow these tips.

Source By: Stanislav Komsky

Best Necessary Tips for Entrepreneur

Aspiring Entrepreneur - Stanislav Komsky

Being an entrepreneur is easy, but being a role model like Stanislav Komsky is not everyone’s cup of tea. To lead in the competitive world, you need to be different, unique and committed. If you want to make your dream into reality, there are many things you need to consider and follow. So we are here with five essential tips for aspiring entrepreneurs that can create a win-win situation for them in the corporate world.

Here are 5 Essential Tips For success for Aspiring Entrepreneurs



Vision is the energy that provides an opportunity to explore the new ideas and the ability to perform and succeed. A clear define vision is a key component to create a brand in the industry. Once you have defined this vision, you are able to communicate it, sell it and live it.

Sometimes this vision or idea strikes you when you are in the shower, or when you are asleep, and it hits when it is least expecting.

So if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must identify your vision and be prepared to commit it. And be ready to capture thoughts, inspiration, and ideas.

Risk Taker

Risk Taker

Do you know what makes successful entrepreneurs different from the others? The answer is their willingness to take a risk. Those who dare to dream, dare to explore, and dare to challenge are the one who creates history.  However, it doesn’t mean you have to mortgage all your assets to start a new business, but yes, you have to take a significant financial risk if you want to make your vision a reality.

So before you make any strategy, it is advisable to build a business plan, consider financial sources, conduct market surveys and choose a strong and experienced support structure before you establish a business.


Being a successful entrepreneur is never an accident, it takes commitment, intelligent planning, excellence, focus, and determination. We often read the success stories of leaders and pay attention to the success. However, what people don’t notice is the journey of an entrepreneur which includes countless hours of working day and night, rejection, failure, and hardship.

 No matter how hard is the journey, in the end, your never give up attitude and the commitment towards your goals lead you towards success. So, be passionate, committed, and loyal towards your work and you will see how your hard work and commitment get rewarded.

Innovation and creativity

Innovation and creativity

Creativity and innovation are a perfect matches. And innovation is impossible without creativity. According to the leaders, creativity is the ability to produce unique ideas, and innovation is the execution of that creativity which includes the introduction of a new idea, solution, process, or product. Basically, it gives an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective.

Creative ideas can come from almost anywhere, whether it is your customers or employee. So it is advisable to take feedback from everyone. A successful leader always encourages its team and followers to share the ideas and views in order to improve, success, and grow.



To become a successful entrepreneur one should possess leadership quality. He must know how to lead mentally, emotionally, and socially in order to achieve success. Many times leaders need to take tough decisions and need to take full responsibility for the outcomes. Therefore, as a leader, he should be well- prepared to face any challenge and difficulty.

In the end, your positive look in every situation will always inspire your team, who would work side by side with you to continue to build your venture. Leadership is essential to achieve entrepreneurial success!

Final Words

Stanislav Komsky inspires, motivate, and encourage every individual to become a successful leader in the industry. And for this, he regularly posts various updates and lessons on social media including Twitter. So, it is advisable to follow these five steps if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. And for more tips and lessons you can follow him on Twitter.

Source By: Stanislav Komsky

Tips for Business Startup

Failed Stamp Showing Reject Or Failure

Hold your heart! You will be shocked when you come to know that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start a venture fail within the first 18 months. Maximum 80% crash and burn. Isn’t heartbreaking? According to Stanislav Komsky, the most important thing is to understand the reason behind it. In the end, it will help you in taking the right decision to succeed in your business.

Let’s Find Out The Characteristics Of Successful Startups.

The Product Is Perfect For the Market

Perfect for Market - Stanislav Komsky

The major reason why most startup fails is the product. Most businesses make products no one wants or they target the wrong market. If your product is not perfect for the market, no one will buy it. If you’re going to devote your maximum time to make a product, then do complete research and make sure it’s the right product for the right market. The right market includes age criteria, gender, demographic location, and much more.

The Entrepreneur Does Not Ignore Anything

Oh! Despite having a strong team and a great product their business flop. What did they lack? Well, a good product and a strong team are no guarantee of a sustainable business. One should never say no to the responsibility just because it is not their job. In most cases, this is one of the main reason why most businesses fail. In a startup, a leader needs to wear so many hats and need to handle so many responsibilities. Getting trapped up in the preparation of presentations, meetings, phone calls, and emails can distract the entrepreneur from the other important things of the business. However, a successful businessman understands that he must work on his business, not in his business.

The Company Grows Fast

The Company Grows Fast

Whether it is an entrepreneur, investor or market, everyone craves for the growth of a business. In the end, fast growth is the sign of a great idea in a hot market. To grow fast enough in the competitive world, every business needs funding, but when the company didn’t grow fast enough, they weren’t eligible to secure more funding.

Therefore, if the growth of startup doesn’t happen after a certain amount of time, then the growth will not happen. In result, the company will start shrinking.

Ran out of cash is the second major reason why most startups fail. It happens because they didn’t grow fast enough. If your startup can’t compete in the fast-paced environment, you will start losing to the competition, losing consumers, losing employees, and losing passion.

The Team Knows How to Recover

Every startup runs with a team of people. The more talented that team, the better chance they have of succeeding.  Startup teams must possess the ability to make innovative products, to adopt a new marketing approach, rebrand the business, or even tear down a business and start all over again. If teams know how to recover together from the tough time, they can lead a successful business.

Stanislav Komsky says that startups with co-founders have a higher success rate than companies with a single founder. Because the partnership brings more accountability, which helps you to avoid some of the drawbacks of a single charismatic leader. Also, a co-founder will have skills that you don’t have.


So, if you want to succeed in the business world as an entrepreneur, do consider these points before making business strategies and planning.

Source By: Stanislav Komsky